Kokoa Sms developer

Kokoa sms developer's guide

The kokoa SMS API allows you to schedule, send text messages from your existing systems. Integration with the kokoa SMS API is really easy, as you can connect to our interfaces over SMPP or HTTP/S which allows you to send texts directly from your website, app or other software. Our API uses a RESTful endpoint and our response payloads are formatted as JSON.

To get started, you will need to sign up for a kokoa SMS account. Once completed, your authentication details will be available straight away and you can then get started. We will also give you some free credits to make sure that you are integrated correctly and happy with the connection. Plus, our tech team is on hand 24/7 to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The kokoa SMS API can be used for several different reasons. It is great for communicating with your customers and other key stakeholders. Our API is great for sending marketing messages such as sales discounts, new product launches or exclusive birthday offers etc.


character encoding

Message content is transmitted using the standard gsm character set. If the message sent contains any character outside the GSM alphabet, UTF-16 encoding will be applied. Do not copy and paste content from Microsoft Word or other word processing applications. This would likely result in non-GSM characters being used and the message sent as UTF-16. Some characters, such as certain apostrophes and hyphens may appear to be in the GSM character set but actually contain subtle differences.

delivery reports

You willl want to keep track of whether your messages have been delivered or not so that you can monitor campaigns, keep records up to date and of course, track your spend.

Please note that due to very large file sizes, delivery reports are available for 3 months, after which they are permanently deleted. If you need access to historical delivery data, please ensure you download reports before they expire.

get our service in 3 steps
  • Create a kokoa SMS account
  • Purchase SMS unit
  • Start sending SMS